Things You Should Stop Wearing After 40

Things You Should Stop Wearing Over 40.⁠

The Internet seems to love to tell me what I should or shouldn't be wearing now that I've passed 40. A quick Google will find lists and lists of 'rules' I should be following - including: no "super-bright" colours or (wait for it) costume jewellery.⁠

Who the HELL do these people think they are??⁠

*pause to deep breathe through my red cloud of anger*⁠

Colour is life. Colour is passion. Colour is expression. However you feel colour, however you want to express it, you have to do it in YOUR way. It doesn't matter if your 20 or 90, if you want to wear orange trousers or pale grey trousers, wear the damn trousers.⁠

And if you want to express your unique personality with costume jewellery, DO IT!⁠

I know, I know - I have a vested interest in extolling the virtues of costume jewellery because I make it...but I also understand it's not for everyone. That's the bl**dy point! There are so many options to explore when dressing and accessorising - dainty or simple jewellery in fine silver or gold, massive jewels worn on every finger (and in both ears, and around the neck), or bright splashy colours in bold designs (*nudge nudge wink wink*). The point is to explore, experiment, find what you love that makes you feel like YOU...and WEAR IT.⁠

We spend too much of our lives listening to other people tell us who we should be - and many of us (me included) can lose who we are in the opinions of others. We need to stop listening to the other voices and take pride in our own. Express ourselves our own way at every age. Ignore someone else's rules and write our own. Then test them, bend them, and break them like the artists - of our own lives - we are.⁠

*Rant Over*⁠