Finding the 'You' in 'YoU-NIQUE'

I won't bore you with the details of my first years in the UK, except to tell you: 1) I commuted regularly to a banking job in the City; 2) everyone on that commute seemed to look the same; 3) I wanted desperately to look the part too. I bought the same clothes, the same accessories, became extremely self-conscious of my accent - and then wondered years later why I felt a faded, dull shadow of myself.

It's an easy trap to fall into. Just look at the shops on the high street selling slightly different versions of the same few 'looks', at the magazines / Instagram / TV ads telling us how to look. Aren't you tired of it? I know I am.

I mean seriously, how the hell can a magazine tell us who we are and what we should wear? There are so many reasons why we are who and where we are. We've had life experience: peaks and troughs through relationships, family, illness, work. We've had game changers. Our priorities have been set and re-set. We're now older and wiser but often our image has lagged behind the fact we now want to set our own trend rather than follow someone else's. We are confident in our identity and ready to let others know too.

So forget about what the trends are telling you to wear - it's time for something different. A pendant that's elegant with a quirky edge. Or a bold ring that shouts colour at you. Or a dainty pair of small and muted earrings that express your personal, subtle style. It's time for whatever that something is that adds 'you' to the same High Street jumper 'she' is wearing next to you on the train.

Join me in choosing to be you instead of someone else. To find the unique in you. And to find the YOU in yoU-NIQUE.