How Should I Wear Thee? Let me Count the Ways...

Isn't it lovely to have a favourite new piece of jewellery? Whether you treated yourself or were given a lovely Christmas gift, you now have a pretty little piece of wearable art sitting in a box on your dressing table just waiting to be shown off. And you probably have JUST the outfit to wear it with too...

...but what if that little piece of jewellery didn't go with just that one outfit. What if it is actually a versatile accessory that could help you express your unique personality when worn with just about anything?

How, you might ask?

An easy way to wear your pendant is to pair with with your favourite white shirt and jeans. A 16" plated neck wire (shown here in silver, but also available in gold) helps make a larger bold statement pendant work for a casual day out. The wire also looks great with smaller scale pieces, and really does make any pendant 'pop' with cowl necks, and crew neck tops or jumpers.

If you prefer a roll neck, why not try your piece with a longer chain to show it off? The one I'm wearing below is a 24" silver plated snake chain (shameless plug: I also stock 16", 18", 20" & 22" in silver and gold-plated metal). Need another length? No problem! It may take few days but I can always special order one for you.

I think the biggest misconception with fused glass jewellery, however, is that it's a more casual accessory that can't be worn in a more professional environment (such as an office) or be 'glammed' up for an evening out. Your jewellery, even the larger statement pieces, can fit perfectly well with a suit or dress!

For example, the dress I'm wearing in the photo below is one I've often worn to work with a jacket (back in the old days when I used to work in an office), to a wedding, and to the Royal Enclosure at Ascot (also with a jacket and hat). The difference here is a snake chain again, but a shorter length to make it work with the neckline. Voila!

These are just three examples of how you might want to fit your Frit and Striker pendant into your wardrobe. You might love pairing yours with a complementary shade of clothing, or maybe you love contrasting it for added interest. Have some fun with experimenting! And be sure to let me know how you wear yours...I love seeing your own tips and tricks!