'And though she be but little, she is fierce...'

William Shakespeare may have been referring to Hermia in a Midsummer's Night Dream when he penned these words, but I'd like to think he'd have the same feedback about fused glass jewellery if ever he was lucky enough to see some!

You might think that's a stretch, but just think of the elemental forces glass has to endure to become your jewellery, and the power it has to help you express your own unique personality.

From it's very origins as sand, glass has had to endure: it is made by heating sand at an extremely high temperature (1700C/3090F) until transformed into liquid. Coloured glass, such as the glass I use in my own designs, is coloured during the heating process by adding various metal oxides, lead compounds, and even elements of gold! These coloured glasses are formed into sheets and then cut; this is how I receive them in my studio.

I then cut the brittle sheets of coloured glass into the shapes I want to explore or achieve and put them together in various ways to create my designs. They are then fired, at least once, to achieve their final shape. By this time, glass has had to transform again: broken, heated until almost liquid yet again, cooled, heated (and repeated in many cases!). Always reinventing itself, always showing beauty and resilience even when at its most vulnerable.

People often ask me if the jewellery is delicate because it's made from glass. It might be delicate in shape or size, but once it endures this process the glass can withstand plenty of wear.

Which means every piece you wear...

Reflects the strength, power, endurance and tenacity of the glass itself. The colours you choose in your piece reflect your own individuality and personality. And because no two pieces are the ever the same, you are wearing your own unique expression of who. you. are. Always.