Make Your Own Magic

One of the things that always surprises me about working with glass is how versatile it is. It arrives in brittle sheets and transforms during the fusing process into shapes only limited by imagination. I've always thought about it as alchemy - science and magic working together to create something beautiful...

When I head into my studio, it's to play and explore the magic. Not only is the glass fascinating in itself, when it's combined with colour the full power of the process is unleashed. Colour is transformative - it can bring joy and energy or it can soothe; the choice is yours.

You naturally resonate with different types of shapes and colours. I'll save colour psychology for another post but for now, just think about how you feel when you experience colour and shape - what colours appeal to you? What shapes? And do you ever wish that something you've seen - whether in clothes or jewellery - would be just right if only it came in a different colour or shape or size?

Or, like me, are you sick and tired of seeing the same old pieces in the same old shops and wish you could find something that expresses (whether in a whisper or a shout) who YOU are?

That's where my bespoke service can help - it's how you can make your own magic happen!

Designing your own piece of jewellery is fun and easy! Here's how it works:

  • First, have a look at my website for ideas: my Shop and Gallery are both full of designs I've worked on in recent weeks. Also, check out my Instagram (@Fritandstriker) to see photos of previous commissions.

  • Think about what colour or colours you want to work with: what colours make you smile? Bring you joy? Which colours calm you? Think about how you're going to wear your jewellery - will it be formal or casual? How big a piece do you want - a subtle, dainty pendant or a bold piece of statement jewellery. Do you want complementary or matching pieces? You don't need to design your final piece right now - an idea of colours, size and personality are enough to get started.

  • Or, if you're looking for a particular occasion - such as jewellery or cufflinks for wedding attendants, or something to match another occasion outfit, I can work with fabric swatches and personalities to create coordinating pieces. Some of my past commissions include Ascot and wedding parties, and corporate gifts; these not only make fabulous statement pieces but also make a thoughtful, personalised keepsake.

  • When you've got your ideas, get in touch! I love working with clients to design their perfect piece of jewellery - as far as I'm concerned, this is where the fun begins! What will happen during our first conversation? I'll try to understand YOU - what you're looking for in your jewellery and how it's going to bring you a little piece of wearable joy.

  • Once we've had a chat, I'll provide you with a provisional quote and head into my studio. I fire once a week - usually over Mondays and Tuesdays. During this time I'll create a few options for you to choose from: remember this is only a starting point - there is never an obligation to pick one of my first designs.

  • When the piece(s) come out of the kiln, I'll send you their photos. If you're happy with one of them, great! If not, I'll go back into the studio and fire a few more options - and I'll repeat this for as long as it takes to achieve the piece(s) you're looking for.

  • Once you've decided on your final piece(s), I'll assemble them with your selected finishing touches (silver plated, sterling silver or gold plated). You'll get some final photos, and once you've confirmed you're happy I'll pop them in the post!

The whole process can take as little as 5 days from start to finish, but there's never any rush! The most important thing is that your jewellery brings a smile to your face and makes you feel fabulous when you wear it.

Now...let's start creating your own magic!