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My Story


Frit and Striker was started in 2017 after discovering the art of glass design & fusing on a recent trip to Scotland. Glass has a dramatic ability to transform itself during the fusing process and expresses my love of colour - whether inspired by art, fashion or nature. Each piece is created with a combination of passion and alchemy that results in their bold designs. 

I'm excited to continue exploring the qualities of glass and how I can incorporate them into new, exciting pieces.  

100% Handmade 

Each Frit and Striker piece is handmade in my studio in the Kent countryside, just outside London. Pieces are lovingly finished by hand, using only the finest quality sterling silver touches. 

All pendants can be purchased alone, or with a selection of necklace styles . 

All products are beautifully packaged in a quality presentation box, ready for you (or that special someone) to enjoy.

Bespoke Jewellery 

Whilst Frit and Striker feature an extensive range of pendants, bracelets, earring, cufflinks, and rings, I understand that you may want something designed especially for you. I will work with you to design a piece in your desired shapes and colours to make your Frit and Striker piece even more unique.  

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